Episode 19

Top Digital Trends Shaping the Holiday Season


September 7th, 2021

26 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Every holiday season presents its own challenges for retailers, but this year is especially unpredictable. How will the continuing pandemic impact habits and routines during the holidays? What should retailers focus on to meet customers where they are? Jenn Horner from DEG joins Andreah and Gaia to discuss trends for this holiday season surrounding social commerce, loyalty, payment plans, and more, and what advertisers should think about to engage shoppers across the customer journey.

Listeners will learn about:

  • The disruption of social commerce
  • COVID’s potential impact on the holiday season
  • Consumer behaviors, like growth in payment plans, that should inform retail strategies
  • Loyalty and audience targeting opportunities, knowing that third-party cookies are on their way out