Episode 38

How is Inflation Affecting Brand Loyalty?


May 20th, 2022

31 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Gaia and Andreah talk inflation with Chris Wayman, promotion, loyalty & messaging business leader at Merkle, and Michela Baxter, a Merkle Commerce & Experience team VP.
Our guests ask the question, why is this inflationary period the perfect time to build value-based bonds with consumers? Listen to find out how inflation is affecting your customers.

Highlights include:
• Which world events are currently affecting inflation?
• How is inflation affecting brand loyalty?
• Why should transparency be a top concern for brands?
• What can your brand be doing to support your customers?
• Why are promotions and loyalty programs important right now?
• How will Web3 and new privacy regulations affect loyalty efforts?

Inflation Resilience Dashboard
What Marketers Want and How Promotions Can Help
7 Reasons CMOs Care About Promotions
3 Levels for Reaching Today’s Consumers with Your Messaging Strategy
Who Eats the Cost of High Food? – NPR (Article mentioned at 7:30)
Celebrate Plant Earth with New Starbucks Earth Month Game, Odyssey Blend, and Merchandise – Starbucks (Promotion mentioned at 13:25)