Episode 42

Navigating the Transition to GA4


July 14th, 2022

33 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, guests Andrew and Nick chat with Gaia and Andreah about the marketing implications of the latest iteration of Google Analytics, GA4. Nick Iyengar is the VP of Analytics at Merkle | Cardinal Path, and Andrew Stark is a manager of the Technology Strategy team at Merkle.

Listen for these highlights:
• Why is GA4 being launched now?
• What are the benefits to starting your GA4 migration earlier?
• Why should marketers build historical data with GA4?
• How can Google Signals improve accuracy and identity resolution?
• What’s the difference between observable and unobservable data with the model approach?
• Why are CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) becoming leaders within the digital identity space?

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