Episode 9

Exploring Trends in Customer Loyalty Solutions


April 19th, 2021

20 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Creating unique loyalty experiences is important for delivering continual value to customers. What are the current trends in loyalty solutions, and how can loyalty programs help businesses prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies? Gaia and Andreah spoke with Jayme Gehrke, Senior Director of Business Development, to learn more about loyalty program solutions and their critical role in building first-party data.

Listeners will learn about:

· What loyalty programs are and current trends in the space
· The outcomes advertisers seek to achieve through loyalty programs
· Loyalty in the context of the cookieless future
· The interplay between performance media and loyalty programs

· 2021 Loyalty Barometer Report
· 2021 Loyalty Barometer: A Guide to the Evolution of Consumer Loyalty
· How to Enrich Your First-Party Data to Build Better Experiences